Shutters, Shades and Blinds in Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas what do you think of? Many people might think of gambling or entertainment, or maybe even the working ladies who earn money in the brothels of Pahrump. If you have been here for even one summer, you will probably think of heat, because Las Vegas is one of the hottest places on earth. As a matter of fact, nearby Death Valley holds the world record for the hottest air temperatures ever recorded. This translates to summers in Las Vegas being well over 100 degrees for many weeks in a row, and not being much cooler than that for months on end. Even though it does get relatively cool in the wintertime, there is almost never temperatures that stay below freezing for very long. Even during the few days that do go below freezing, it is usually hovering right around that mark and nowhere near the sub-zero temperatures that you may see elsewhere. Las Vegas is known for desert heat, and this is one of the things that the invention of air conditioning allowed to make living here bearable. Previous, the temperatures in the summer made life in the desert nearly impossible.

Effective cooling systems in Las Vegas do not stop with just your air conditioning units. Instead, they extend to many other elements throughout your home that you may have thought were not associated with cooling, because they typically are involved in the opposite. We are referring to your insulation and your window coverings, which are mostly thought of as being involved in the process of keeping heat in. We must rethink what is actually going on in order to understand the concept, that these systems are not keeping heat in necessarily, but are mostly are keeping air inside. This means that if the air is cooled from an air conditioning system that we are providing more ability for that cool air to stay in and not be warmed by the hot air outside. This makes our air conditioning systems run more efficiently and ultimately makes it less expensive in Las Vegas. People who have lived here for multiple years understand the expenses associated with air conditioning bills, and the less effective your insulation systems are the more you will pay. This is one of the curious aspects of Las Vegas, that installing shutters or shades in the area will ultimately pay for itself over time due to the improved insulation systems. The shades, shutters and blinds create a barrier between he hot air collecting on the inside of windows and your room air, which allows it to stay cooler over time. This keeps the cool air circulating longerĀ  before being heated up, and can reduce room temperatures by upwards of 20 degrees in the simmer. Over only a few years, you can expect even the most high end plantation shutters to pay for themselves in savings seen on your cooling bills. They will pay for themsevles and also add value to your home over time when it comes to reselling.