Plantation Shutters Pahrump

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you Googled “plantation shutters Pahrump,” “plantation shutters in Pahrump,” “best plantation shutters in Pahrump” or some other variation of that sentence. Pahrump as a city is generally ignored by Las Vegas businesses due to the fact that it is about an hour drive away. This makes Pahrump residents be forced to choose either only from the businesses that have physical locations in their city, or generally have to pay extra fees for travel expenses. The plantation shutter industry is guilty of this, having many competitors within the Las Vegas market servicing Las Vegas and Henderson residents at one price point, but either jacking up the prices or charging extra fees if they are required to travel to Pahrump. The most common tactic is to charge a service fee for the consultation that is then credited back to the customer if they choose your company. This means that to do a measurement and estimate in Pahrump using most Las Vegas shutters companies, you are going to have to pay about a 100 dollar fee just to have the salesman come out and talk to you. This will limit the amount of competition that you can choose from, because very few people have an extra 3 or 4 hundred dollars laying around that they can pay for different companies to come out just to show you their products. You will probably make your choice based on the fact that you have already invested money in this one company, which limits your ability to make a good choice or allow other businesses to provide you access to their products or prices for consideration. This sales tactic works to the advantage of the company, but limits your choices as a consumer.

Onyx Shutters Vegas does not believe in any extra fees for our Pahrump customers. We will come out to your home and provide you with a measurement and estimate without any fee or extra charge. We do this simply because we know that our products are better than all our competitors and our customer service is also better. If you are price shopping, we will have the lowest prices for comparable products, and we will beat any competitor’s prices. Our installers are clean and courteous, and they will be on time and will complete the job without inconveniencing you. Our products are made from high quality basswood, which is the best type of wood for the desert heat. Pahrump is even worse than Las Vegas with regards to the heat warping or cracking poorly made shutters, so make sure that you only use companies that will provide high quality basswood products to you. Because of the harsh climate of Pahrump, lesser products will warp and crack quickly, and will ultimately make your investment cost far more thanĀ  you expected over time.

If you would like a free estimate and measurement and you live in Pahrump, contact our office today to arrange it. We are sure you will choose us.