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With our Premier Basswood we have the ability to provide 40″ panels for a cleaner and a more open look. The Clearview system eliminates the unsightly tiltrods. Also Clearview gives you the ability to tilt the top louvers independent from the bottom louvers with panels over 40″ in width.

Our competitors composite and vinyl louvers are limited to 28″ and under panels. Of course we can make 28″ and under panels as well if you like this look.

Plantation shutters are more than just window coverings; they are fine pieces of furniture that are custom measured, built and installed for your windows and doors. Wood plantation shutters add to the natural beauty and decor of any room. They are also one of the only window coverings that can actually add value to your home.


Our Hybrid Shutters are a combination of poly materials and wood. The louvers are poly and the frame is basswood. This combination is perfectly suited for the Las Vegas heat, and is never going to see warping or splitting.

Features All Our Shutters Come With The Following


Unlike any other company we take the extra time to set screws in the back side of the metered corners. This step assures the miters to be as tight as possible and never separate.

Tension Adjustment Screw The addition of a tension screw system in every shutter panel assures that whether the shutter is brand new or decades old. It will never become too tight or too loose to operate properly. By the slight turn of a screw inside the stile, the louver tension is either increased and decreased.


Mortise and Tenon Joints for Strength The industry standard for the joinery of stiles and rails are relying on either glued dowels or screw joints. These will eventually work loose as sold at local home improvement centers. ​Mortise & Tenon joints are designed to allow for maximum glue surface area to withstand shear and racking stress and to ensure the safety of our customers. This joinery has been used for centuries in demanding furniture and building construction because of their combination of superior strength and simplicity.

Mortised for Hinges ​Mortised hinges are important to achieve a tight fit within your window opening. Without a mortised panel, a gap appears on the hanging side that allows light to break between the panel and selected frame. ​Basic material, construction and finish are elements of quality in any hinge. A good hinge should have at lease 5 knuckle joints for better load distribution and smoother, quieter action. Pivot hinges should have firmly riveted joint pins. ​The material from which the hinges are made should be sufficiently heavy to prevent sagging and should be resistant to normal moisture.


Multiple sequences hand sand & PU (polyurethane) finish We perform multiple sequences of sanding with fine sandpaper and coating with high-quality stain or paint. The PU (polyurethane) finish produces the characteristics of: hardness, strength, UV-resistance, water-resistance and color retention.

THE PROCESS Our manufacturing and assembly process

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The Basswood Preparation
Our wood is imported from Europe. The texture of this wood is more resilient, and provides a more uniform wood grain.Once wood is received it is cut into usable portions and placed into a kiln for 45 – 50 days where temperature and moisture levels are controlled. Once out of the kiln the wood is stabilized by a 15 day cooling process. When the wood is ready for manufacturing it is shaped into the shutter components (louvers, stiles, top and bottom rails) by precise cutting. The components are primed and sanded multiple times in order to make a durable and smooth primer base. Stapling of louvers, tilt rods, mitering of frames, drilling of Hoffman keys and magnet holes are prepared at the same time as well.
The Paint and Assembly
Once all pieces of the shutter are made it is assembled and examined for gaps. Then the shutter is cleaned and prepared for paint. Our shutters are sanded and painted multiple times to ensure there is a smooth painted surface for the polyurethane finish to be applied. They require a 12-24 hour drying period before a second preassembly is preformed. All details are checked at this inspection (i.e. good finish, gaps between louvers and stiles, 45 degree miter cuts, magnets, washers and hinges.
Multiple Sequences of Hand Sanding & Polyurethane Finish Applied
We perform multiple sequences of sanding with fine sandpaper and coating with high-quality stain and paint. The clear polyurethane finish provides these characteristics: hardness, strength, UV resistance, water resistance and color retention.
The Packaging
Our shutters are packaged in 200 gram cardboard which is thicker than most cardboard used. Styrofoam strips placed in between the panels as well. This ensures the best protection of the shutter during transportation.


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