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Premier Shutters sells and installs custom plantation shutters, shades and blinds. We provide the best quality shutters on the market, as well as other forms of window coverings of equal quality. Las Vegas is a desert climate, which generally shortens the life span of lesser quality shutters due to heat buildup on the insides of windows. This heat warps and cracks plastics and lesser composites of wood materials. Our shutters are made from the highest quality basswoods and kiln-dried previous to forming, ultimately creating the best quality product that can withstand the intense Las Vegas heat without splitting or changing shape

Plantation shutters are the best solution to compliment your existing insulation system in your home. Shutters trap heat that is built up against windows and keep it from dispersing into the room, raising the ambient temperature and making your air conditioner work harder. The same is true for cold air in the winters, which will reduce your monthly heating and air conditioning bills. Through the use of top quality shutters, you will generally see them pay for themselves over about a 4 year time frame in the savings that occur.

Premier Shutters sells direct to the public as well as to wholesalers and distributors. Our products and installation techniques do not cut corners, and will provide a lifetime of satisfaction that will beautify your home as well as reducing your monthly bills. To learn more about plantation shutters and their benefits to hot climates, visit Wikipedia by clicking and reading more about how these top quality window coverings have been used over the years to improve home life.

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Why Install Shutters? Is it worth the cost?

Window coverings are not just for privacy or to improve the interior looks of your rooms in your home. In Las Vegas, they serve a function that is not seen in milder climates. Here in the desert, we need to create a barrier in between the extreme temperatures outside and the comfortable temperatures inside our home. This is achieved through the use of climate control systems like air conditioning and heating, and because of air leakage at the windows we will either pay high prices to have these systems work far harder than they need to, or upgrade the insulation in the home to keep that climate controlled air inside. This is the function of the window coverings in Las Vegas, to provide the most adequate barrier between the air inside and outside, keeping you comfortable even during the most extreme weather conditions.

Window coverings are essential in hot or cold climates, providing the best barriers against the elements that is available. Plantation shutters are able to be fully closed or opened through the use of louvers, which will allow them to be adjusted to allow as much light in as possible, or fully closed when the temperatures get really extreme. No other form of window covering can provide this type of barrier, completely blocking out the air that has been cooled or heated against the inside of windows. This system will allow you to be in full control of your ambient air temperature, without breaking the bank.

Premier Shutters strives to provide not only this upgrade to your home insulation systems, but to do it in a way that is considered timeless and elegant. Our high quality basswood shutters do not have that “cheap” look that plastic shutters do, ultimately yellowing and warping over time. The addition of our wood shutters to your home will be considered an upgrade that will add value to your residence while saving money.

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We are the premier company providing shutters in Las Vegas. Family owned and operated for three generations, we have been a full service window coverings specialist serving the wholesale and retail markets since 1970.

The Premier Shutters Las Vegas advantage is clear, with our Onyx Basswood Panels we have the ability to provide 40″ panels for a cleaner and more open shutters look, while our competition are limited to 28″ panels. Our shutters come with the features of astragals, mortised hinges, mitered frame joints and hidden recessed magnets. In stock shutters can be installed in as little as 3-5 days.

Contact us through text, phone or even book an appointment directly on our website to arrange a completely free consultation and estimate on the cost of installing shutters in your Las Vegas home. Naturally, the cost of shutters is going to depend on how many windows you have, the sizes, the types of shutters and frames you want and a variety of other factors. We will provide you with samples of frames and woods, measure the windows or doors (yes we can put plantation shutters on doors) and provide you with a total cost for the job including manufacture of the shutters and installation. Custom shutters will generally take a few weeks to build and install, while stock shutters can be installed in as little as three days. Contact us today to find out why we have been the choice of so many shutters resellers and shutters installers in Las Vegas over the years, and how you can now benefit by going direct to the source.